Short Week Meal Plan

Hi! Happy Wednesday and a belated 2017! I am checking in to share my meal plan for the week — it’s a short one since I was on vacation through Monday and the week is almost half over. I’m really trying to be good about buying only what I need for the week so I don’t end up wasting food. If you could see how empty my fridge is right now, you’d see I’m doing a good job of it! 🙂


Here’s my plan for the week!

T: Greek salad with spiralized cucumbers and chicken (used this recipe as inspiration)

W: Slow cooker pork with mashed sweet potatoes

TH: Rice bowl using leftover pork

F: Either Greek salad or eggs

S: Wing it


This week is a pretty basic menu with lots of leftovers. I’ll likely be eating Greek salad for lunch all week and oatmeal for breakfast.

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