paleOMG Pizza Spaghetti Pie

Oh my goodness. This spaghetti pie. I had read about this recipe all over the internet on some of my favorite blogs. When I was planning my menu for the week, this recipe popped in my head and I immediately decided to add it to the menu. Originally, I planned to have the pie for dinner tonight, but I put it all together yesterday afternoon and I decided I had to have it for dinner. The best part (besides how delicious it is) was dinner cooked while I got my workout done on the treadmill! Win-win!

The recipe, which can be found here, comes together pretty quickly, and can easily be modified using your favorite pizza toppings. One of my favorite pizza combos is sausage and pepperoni, so I added some mini pepperoni to mine. I can’t describe how good and satisfying this dish is. Oh, by the way, spaghetti squash is used in place of spaghetti, so you can eat double! 🙂 Another way I modified the recipe is by using turkey sausage instead of pork. This helped cut the calories and fat a bit, but still provided all the flavor of pork sausage. I also sprinkled in some shredded mozzarella to give it that cheesiness we all love about pizza. While this would have been perfectly fine on its own, I did serve it alongside steamed broccoli. I think a side salad would be great, too.

I highly recommend you make this dish for dinner soon. I’m already dreaming about having it again for dinner tonight.

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