Healthy on the Go Snacks

I don’t know about you, but I always like to have healthy snacks on the ready so I never get to the point of being hangry. This weekend, I picked up a few snacks for my office, which got me thinking about healthy snacks I like to have on hand. I thought I’d round up some of my favorite healthy on the go snacks for you!


Nuts and dried fruit

I like the combination of nuts and dried fruit because it satisfies both my salty and sweet cravings. I have to be careful because this healthy snack can easily become a calorie bomb. I normally like to buy in bulk and make my own individual servings (those snack-sized ziptop bags are the best!), but sometimes I will buy single-serving packages of nuts and/or dried fruit out of convenience. I have these in my desk now — I actually picked them up at Marshall’s for less than what I’ve found online.

Applesauce packets

While I love the convenience of the pouches, I still feel a bit guilty not using reusable containers for applesauce. But, these GoGo squeeZ applesauce packets are so convenient and delicious, I can’t pass them up. Plus, they are a great option to keep in your gym bag or desk since they do not have to be refrigerated if they’re unopened. My favorite flavors are the apple and apple strawberry, and I really want to try the apple pineapple.



While these aren’t a snack you can keep in your desk or car, I think cheese is a great snacking option. I usually have string cheese on hand to pair with a few crackers or an apple, but lately I have been enjoying Babybel cheese. I’d forgotten how much I love the creaminess of the original flavor and there’s something about the red wax I just love.


Nut butters

I like to keep nut butters in my desk as a snack to swirl in my morning oatmeal or yogurt, or to add to fruit for an afternoon snack. I normally have at least one open jar at work, but I also like to carry around the individual packets. Again, the extra packaging makes me feel a bit guilty, but portion control, especially with nut butters, is really important. One of my favorites is Barney Butter.


I like to travel with at least a couple of apples or other fruit that can withstand travel. Clementines are a great option, too. I usually just wrap the fruit in paper towel and place in a ziptop bag to keep the fruit from getting bruised. Fruit also pairs nicely with my favorite cheese and nut butters. 🙂


What are some of your favorite healthy on the go snacks?

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