Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Finds

The holidays are among us, so I thought I would share some gift ideas for the fitness-minded people in your life (or yourself)! Here are some of my favorite fitness-themed gifts.




Training Journal



Do you know someone who has just set a goal to train for their first half marathon or even just take the first step on their fitness journey? I think a training journal is great for anyone looking to jot down some of their training goals as well as plan out their training each week. I like this one from Lauren Fleshman.


Toiletries Bag

If you’re like me, you have a separate toiletries bag for your gym bag — that way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting basics like deodorant or hair ties. Getting a new toiletries bag is also a great way to clean out your existing ones of expired products. This is such a fun one!


Cozy Pullover/Hoodie


I had a running jacket on last year’s gift guide, and I couldn’t resist recommending another one. Hoodies and pullovers seem to get the most wear (other than sports bras and running shoes) each year since you can often wear them en route to the gym, or lounging around on the weekend. I love the neck on this one — it looks so cozy and comfy!




Sounds boring, I know! But if you think about all the socks that go missing over the year, getting a few new pairs isn’t a terrible idea. One of my favorite brands is Bombas — for each pair sold, a pair is donated to someone in need. ¬†Win-win!


Road ID


Safety is super important, especially if you’re going to be out running or riding. Road ID offers a variety of ways to display your emergency contact information. You can select anything from a simple bracelet to a shoe tag, or even one that fits on your Fitbit or Apple watch band.


Fitness Studio Gift Certificate




With new fitness studios popping up all the time, it can be costly to try them all, and a gift certificate is a great way to test out a new studio for the first time or purchase some visits to your favorite studio. One of my favorites is a new riding studio in Beverly, MA — Indoor Ride is the first of its kind in the area and I highly recommend you try them out this winter when it’s too cold or icy to ride outdoors. If you’re tired of riding your trainer all winter long, book a ride with Justin or Lila — you won’t regret it! Full disclosure: I know the owners, but I would recommend this studio even if I didn’t!


Some other ideas:

  • Water bottle
  • Travel toiletries
  • Body glide
  • Gift certificate to favorite running store
  • Massage/spa appointment (or gift card)
  • Race entry
  • Cool weather accessories (gloves, hat, headband)


What gift ideas do you have for your fitness-minded friends?


Please note: I am in no way affiliated with or compensated by any of the companies whose products I’m sharing. They’re simply products I’ve used or have been eyeing myself. All opinions are my own.

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